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Arno Stemmer (Uke4life) wrote:
Mr. Wilbanks,

Actually, I have witnessed Ki on two occasions. Firstly, on the Discovery Channel, they were doing a report on the martial arts. Within this report, they did a follow up on a 68 year old Japanese man who had studied Aikido for decades. Now, he ran a palor for massage. His method was to use Ki to heat up his towels, and rub them on the persons back. Now to prove it real they used a thermal cam to show one how hot it really got, and it showed temps up to 105 degrees, constantly. My second sighting was with a similiar experence in my dojo. So, yes I do think it excellent to question Ki, but I believe it does exist. Thanks, train hard!
I'm not sure that I'd take a Discovery Channel show as scientific evidence (actually, I'm sure that I wouldn't, although I enjoy a lot of their shows). Was he touching the towels? If not then somebody really ought to be flying to Stockholm to collect their Nobel (or to California, to collect a million dollars from the Amazing Randi ). If he was then I suppose it's possible to generate enough body heat to achieve that effect without resort to "ki", or other types of energy generation for explanation, just conventional bio-physics.



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