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graham christian
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Lee Price wrote: View Post
Hya Graham..interesting post.

To be on the end of someone with true aiki is an experience almost unknown in aikido. It doesn't feel like nothing though trust me. You have nooo idea what the person is doing...there is no sense of any technique even if he's doing one. You will hit the mat's literally stunning but makes you laugh at the same time. With 'volume' turned up you wouldn't be wanting/capable of getting up again too soon. There is no ukemi..only survival. Such a person is capable of no touch to stop a strong, trained guy dead from a metre away..again no touch. This goes way beyond what most have seen/know from the current crop of known aikido teachers.

What a few people talk about here is very real and very different to what 99.999%+ of people know. My own experience of this is at a what I would say is a high level is with a little Japanese guy who weighs 43kg.....he can drop people like a stone..multiple attackers Actually he's now present on the net...good luck in finding him. He's so good most will dismiss it as fake : )

Ueshiba's aikido does aikido too ^^ some people are only doing heiwado though....

All the best

Hi Lee.
I agree with you.

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