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Re: Feeling

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I love the Endo one. I can't say exactly what he is doing there ...
We call this "atari". And by applying atari you are able to "make aiki". It is something that can be learned through certain exercises. When I do it you will feel my body, my center, some "pressure". When Endo does it youl will feel nothing at all. Just being moved.

... it is very familiar so I could say I understand.
I don't mean to be disrespectfull.
I think you posted some videos showing your teaching. If I dont mistake you for someone else, what you are doing or at least what you are showing on those videos is completely different.

I would call that true kokyu.
kokyû - at least in my/our understanding - is something different.

When I say spiritual I do mean it though. The feeling you felt from Endo was not physical, it was not mental, so what was it?
Well, although I wasn't able to feel it then, it was something very physicall. Now that I'm learning and practicing those things for some years, I can reproduce it to a certain degree. I can make, create, do it. It's not magic.
It's what we learn and teach. Everybody on his or her level.

Then we have numerous spiritual perceptions, as we don't categorize them we put them down to feelings.
Putting "spiritual perceptions" (what is that?) as "feelings" doesn't speek to me.
I can't connect this to my language use, can't connect it to my understanding of perception, spiritual or feelings. Be it as aikidoka or as theologian.
This sounds just kind of "esoteric" to me. Not my way of thinking ...
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