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Re: Feeling

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
Being a bit auditory, I initially tend to talk my way through things. A rather slow strategy.

IMHO, best learning is see-do. Visually see it externally from a spectator position, see it internally from a participants position, and kinesthetically do it.

Seeing the visual (internal and external) is useful. Feeling the alignment and connect within and between us both is essential to check if I have it. Then move.

IMHO, its sequentially useful to intellectually have some idea of what I am feeling for.

Hi Lynn. Best learning? I would add a few things there but basically yes.

Sequentially useful to know what you're feeling for? Yes indeed. In fact critical I would say.

I am always feeling for non-resistance. That's bottom line. No substitutes for me. Thus the principles learned come into play, the one that achieves this is the correct one.

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