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Re: Feeling

Thought I would add a bit more here.

When you hold someones wrist for example, what do you feel? Secondly, what is it dependent on?

For example, the first thing I feel on doing so is the others resistance. Thus they are already fighting in essence. Now I can do many things with this if I understand the principles involved and none of them include resistance or going against what they are doing.

On the other side of the coin what about when another grabs my wrist, what do they feel?

Well, it depends purely and simply on what I am doing spiritually rather than physical motion.

If I 'let go of' my wrist then the other will feel a very odd feeling. They may squeeze and squeeze as hard as they like and yet feel they are using up all of their energy and getting nowhere which belies all of their past experiences.

That's one example of many. all with different feelings. If I let go of my wrist and let their exertions go through my arm and body to my center they generally let go at first saying I have taken all their energy. Another strange feeling.

If I do the above and at the same time give back to them what they are giving to me, (another function of center) then they feel they have hit upon something that moves them, meanwhile I feel their center and points of balance.

Three examples of different feelings.

Sometimes I give something else and each something else has a different effect and thus a different feeling. This could be stillness, it could be love, it all depends what we are drilling and the lesson I am teaching.

Maybe you do similar?

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