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Re: I can't seem to keep my clothes on!

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
Hello Jerome,
Please make sure she is over 16 when you are helping with pants adjustment. Remember what happened with this aikido instructor in California....he is in jail now...
OMG... sixteen... that was so long ago, I barely remember it... I do seem to recall that New Kids on the Block Posters were in every girl's locker. And using hair spray to make your bangs levitate straight off your head was the norm.

The age thing is safe. The commando under the hakama is worrisome, esp since I have been know to nut guys once or twice in class during suwari waza. Effective technique to be sure, but "not Aikido".

(can you tell I have hear the "not Aikido" more than once? hahah.)

~Do one thing each day that scares you...~
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