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Originally posted by ca
As we stood around talking, me wondering why these 240 pound monsters were wanting to do Aikido, they started talking about Steven Segal. 'Oh, no" I assured them, 'I've seen his movies, that CAN'T be Aikido', 'see, Aikido is this peaceful, gentle art...'
"All I'm trying to say is that when you are in the street, the reality is that you have to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. And if you think that you can go out into the street and have somebody come up to hit you from behind with a blackjack on your skull or come up and try to cut your throat, if you think that a philosophical view of peace and love is going to help, then you better wake up, because it's not.My answer is also, that the world can be a very ruthless, dirty, violent place, and if you cannot bring yourself to the level to be ready for that to the extent with which you are able, then you are living in a dream land. Become a writer and just stay in your house and read fiction all day." - Steven Seagal.

I think that he did his best to show real-life Aikido in his films (except "Exit Wounds").

It's not "violent Aikido", it's simply "Aikido applied".