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Fear of getting roughed up

I can understand the fear of bruises, except its not a fear I happen to have, and I'm female. (I also like other somewhat risky sports, like downhill skiing). Have any of you women aikidoists had the experience of having a date or newish boyfriend become alarmed if they see that you have a bruise or injury, and repeatedly suggest that you quit if you get another or more severe injury? Just happened to me. Or having men not in the martial arts react somewhat uncomfortably when you tell them you do aikido? Or express doubt that women could ever be effective as martial artists? Happens occasionally to me. Not that I really worry about it, of course. Far as I'm concerned, that's their problem, although I can understand why someone who cares would worry about you getting injured.

I am however, QUITE sensitive to yonkyo, as I have skinny arms and people can press right to the bone on me pretty easily (and yes,I get bruises). I thought it was people with fleshy two-by-four wrists that don't notice yonkyo - well, at least when I try it on them...