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Pressure points...

Many men and women in the dojo I trained are quite immune tothe yon-kyo pressure point application. Me, I just got used to it, it doesn't bother me that much anymore.

But the point in yon-kyo is not the pressure point, but the whole form of it. Being able to bother somebody else's pressure point is just a bonus.

Most of the women in the dojo I train don't like it when men just "fake" a fall. To them that's worse than not being able to do the technique. They feel like they're being cheated on.

They are also very critical to any Aikidoka that is just staging the technique. I guess this is because of my sensei's upbringing. In the dojo all men and women are equal.

Personally, I treat the women in the dojo with respect by not "faking" that a technique was done properly. As an uke, I have a responsibility to inform the nage if the technique was done correctly or not. This is true for men and women in the dojo.

Like Ran-chan said...
No pain, no gain. (*if not, why take martial arts in the first place?*)