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Re: How to Say No

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Mary: Thanks! I'm queuing this in my list of responses to have on hand.

Tony: Thanks as well. I'm queuing, but I should probably check and make sure he's not in some kind of an open marriage or something first.

Ron and others: Thanks. I don't understand why some folks are so intent on labeling this as harassment. It doesn't change my situation any at all, whatever it's called. Why is this word so important?

SeiserL: Thanks. Tried the first two and it didn't work. Reporting it to sensei isn't going to work unless he's going to intervene, which I'm told, he won't. But thanks.
Mary, You could say yes to a date after finding out whether he is in an open marriage or not (which he probably isn't and using the aiki practice as a cover) and then turn up with his wife (as chaperon) and yourself.... That would be quite interesting!!
Its the only way you will get rid of him if he is so insistant...... as it seems that nothing else is going to work short of kneeing him in the nuts which means that you will have to get close to enable that.....
I wonder if he is there for aikido or just a sex predator?

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