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Re: YouTube: Morihei Ueshiba - Rare Aikido Demonstration (1957)

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
The video is fabulous.

Some of the comments, meh. There's a lot of value in debunking myths... but some of the comments here strike me as of the nature of, "I can't imagine being this good, so he couldn't have been either."

In practice today, we finished with kokyu dosa, as we often do, and Sensei came by and corrected me, as he often does . So then he decides to demonstrate on me and I think, "Right, you 70-year-old man, let's see what you can get on me," and he goes through me like a forklift.

But of course, he's been doing that IS stuff (that's for Carl) so it's hardly surprising.
For me? Oh no!
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