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Re: Spirituality: A Tale of Perception and Misperception

It is a nice story.

Here is a thought said by someone wiser than me:
"When you open yourself to pervasive influence, you *will* be influenced pervasively".

So here's the conundrum: to be capable of true change/improvement we must let the old ways fall away; and be *open* right?

But then what about people who end up joining cults?

It must be a balance between judgment and openness. And I guess everyone sees a different line in the sand. You can't completely divorce yourself from your own best judgment? I don't think you ever should. Isn't that what the frogs did (Stay true to their judgement?)? Or was the lesson was that they were lazy and actually didn't go look for themselves?
But even if they did go; wouldn't they always compare what they saw to what the knew? Or is beginner mind about always forgetting and trying to truly see? Is that even possible? Not sure.
We all have filters. For good and for evil.

Just some thoughts.
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