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Re: Seiza and Calves Pain

David Valadez wrote:

... get yourself a zafu and use that as your main seating furniture at home. Spend your leisure time (e.g. video game viewing, tv watching, etc.) and/or your study or work time, etc. sitting in seiza on the zafu as much as you can...
I have actually considered purchasing a zafu and zabuton anyway, since I have been doing some Zazen meditation at my dojo.

Being a college-age student, I do spend a "generous" amount of time playing video games or watching the tv. Lately, I have been trying seiza around the apartment using two pillows. One beneath my legs on the ground, and the other folded in half and then placed over my lower legs and then under my upper legs/butt.

Since I knowing practically nothing about buying zafus and zabutons, are they all basically the same quality-wise, or would you recommend any particular dealer or manufacturer?

I find several sets on ebay for $50-$75, but I don't know enough about zafus and zabutons to make a safe judgement there.

Thank you for the advice!
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