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This is hard to do, but over the years I have continued to realize the wisdom in it. God knows I have failed this simple guideline in the past.

Of late, I open Aikiweb to see these highly personal comments made about me, and I have to take a breath from either laughing out loud, or being ticked off at the audacity of some people. In the end though, this simple guide does help to keep the discussion at a higher level-even when I am the one getting personally attacked.

Dan, Thank you for putting up with all this BS. I don't say much and write even less, but I've worked hard on your stuff for the last two years. People are now commenting about the changes in my Aikido and other martial arts that I'm learning. My instructors are surprised at my rate of advancing. Yet I know I still only have a toe in the door. I'm enjoying my training like never before. I'm also able to "steal" much more from my instructors thanks to your instruction. Looking forward to seeing you again in January,