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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post
Are you claiming that Dobson Sensei specifically disavowed the things in the book that I quoted?

Which parts of the book are you saying that he disavowed?

I don't see anything in the book that is inconsistent with anything he wrote at other times, anything he said on the videos of his teaching, anything he said in the interviews (some which were done with Jim
Lee late in his life and are not published) as well as those which are published, everything he told various senior instructors who trained with him back in the day, and what he did and said at the counseling sessions that he conducted.

If you are going to claim that your teacher disavowed the things he wrote and said in order to support your points, then I would request that you go into greater detail. I am continuing Dobson Sensei and Lee Sensei's work, though in new directions, and you are saying that I can't rely on the things they said? Isn't it possible that he stressed some parts of the art with you that don't contradict the other sides?

The language used in the momentum quote sounds like Dobson Sensei speaking. I think that part was Dobson Sensei.

At any rate, if he told you things that contradict everything that I can quote from him, perhaps you would be so kind as to tell us what those things were in greater detail.
You know Ken, I was seriously thinking about coming back to you about some points associated with your Saotome quotes and Dan's aiki model that may have made some sense to you. However, I realized that would be futile. You just will not listen to anything that does not match your perception exactly. This is very evident from you challenging Ellis on Terry D - what part of Ellis saying he was very intimate with Terry that you do not understand and cannot accept. Ellis commented on what Terry felt about that book after the fact - why can't you accept that maybe Terry felt some things in that book were wrong after it was written.

Every one views the world via their own filters and tries to make things match their beliefs as best they can - that does not mean other people have to agree with you 100%, and if they don't, that does not mean they are wrong. Two people can read the exact same thing and come away with two totally different perspectives on what the writer was trying to convey - both perceptions can be correct to the reader because every thing is relative - to ascertain that one is wrong and the other is correct, both perceptions need to be presented to the writer at the exact same time for clarification - have you done that with Saotome? Of course, you cannot do that with Dobson, but you just received the next best thing, the opinion of someone that knew Terry very very well.

Good luck in your journey - I am afraid it will be a lonely one.