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Re: Do You Go To Seminars Outside Your Style?

I think what Peter had in mind here was OUTSIDE seminars – means non aikido related seminars. Personally I think it is excellent idea (I even met Peter in one of such seminars many years ago  ), but these days it is so difficult to find somebody with serious reputation and significant knowledge who is teaching. On the other side so many muba bumba self-designated soke, grandmasters and other mysterious teachers who are taking advantage of na´ve and not well informed researchers of ultimate power…

Also in North America the distances for travel are big so it reflects in important costs.
But I highly recommend Koryu weapons seminars for all aikidoka who think they know how to use bokken and jo LOL Of course it will be a shocking therapy but it is worth any money…

In the other hand I’m not very enthusiastic about combat sport seminars; I think it is a contradictory to the spirit what O sensei developed and would be very misleading by giving false self confidence that now you know how to fight efficiently.


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