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Re: "solo" training?

Many schools in Aikido have some solo practices. Some serve a variety of purposes, some are specific. I was given recipes and 100 day assignments many times. Ki no taiso, Aiki Shin Taiso, Aikiken or Aikijo, musubi no Ken or Jo, whatever.

The problem was I had a life outside of the dojo. For example, around day 88 once I joined my dad for a 90 kilometer cross country skiing event. I felt guilty that my jello legs were not up to the solo exercises, then realized 90 kilometers of skiing certainly counted as training!

Exercise counts, meditation counts, reading counts - even taking a chance to watch the best judoka, boxers and wrestlers on the planet compete at the Olympics coming up soon in Brazil I believe has something to inform my practice. I see this is a resurrected thread, but dancing in Carnaval - heck yes it counts as training for me.
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