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Re: The best way to win is not to play

[quote=Katherine Derbyshire;346917]Living budo, maybe. I would hope any martial artist would do the same.

Or any human, really.

I didn't post the story so you all could pat me on the back -- though of course I don't mind that -- but rather as a counterexample to some of the never-ending "Aikido vs. X" threads.

Out in the real world, you don't know what training the other person has (if any). You don't know what he's going to do (if anything). But then, he doesn't know those things about you, either.


I am not sure why the assumption is made that anyone should do the same.

Domestic situations can be really dangerous. It sounds like you had foreknowledge about the situation and made your choices based on that.

And not getting involved in other people domestic squabbles could also be considered good self- defense because the dynamics, as we all know, are based on a lot more that just physicality.

This is not a judgment of your choice but a counterpoint of your observation that anyone should do the same.

Each situation could be carefully considered and then the choice made with the individual putting their own safety first.

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