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Re: The best way to win is not to play

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
Living budo, maybe. I would hope any martial artist would do the same.

I didn't post the story so you all could pat me on the back... but rather as a counterexample to some of the never-ending "Aikido vs. X" threads.

I still feel the compliment, but okay, I'll follow the counter example of Aikido versus _______.

1. What part of the situation is an example of your Aikido? A result of your specific training?
2. What is it you feel you did that lead to a non-violent incident? Were you an active part or did you get lucky while just letting things run their course?
3. Would anyone regardless of Aikido, or training have had the same outcome with the husband acting the same?

I remember a class by a karate shihan years ago where he said aikido and karate people were rare, so never yell, "Help!" He advised instead that we all yell, "Fire!" Because people love watching flames and come running over, but he also said that people are scared and not willing to risk themselves for others in a dangerous situation so yelling for help makes people stop or hide or pretend they never heard anything.

I do share your frustration over the narrative that is out there - that many a business trying to sell their brand is declaring they are the only truth and way, and aikido students and prospective students are buying in to that conversation. If some online troll declared they sold the World's Greatest Hamburger, Better Than Any Other, most people wouldn't take it seriously or even invest time in the conversation. Violence is not trademarked, or even clearly definable. We give the trolls the power here. It was good to see an infusion of reality.
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