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Ghandi and O'Sensei

Has anyone ever compared these two men? I find it very interesting how similar they were. Both men grew up in the same era (within a generation of each other), lived long lives, started spiritual movements, and practiced what could be considered non-violence. Even the meaning of their names are similar-- Mahatma "Great Soul" and O'Sensei "Great Teacher." Both men were meek in appearance, even frail looking. Yet these were probably two of the most spiritually powerful men in all of human existence, aside from Christ himself.

What has drawn me to these individuals is the desire to attain that level of power. It amazes me how Ghandi was able to manipulate MILLIONS of people and break the crushing grip of the British Empire simply through inaction and starvation. Being able to control people through non-physical means is clearly far superior to any other method. Out of necessity, Ghandi used his spiritual clout to acheive political gains. However, O'Sensei developed his spirituality in the pursuit of peace and universal harmony.

I just find it really interesting how interconnected these two individuals seem to be in that regard, and I'm trying cultivate a practical application of these philosophies in my own life. Easier said than done.
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