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Re: high punch?

Luc Saroufim wrote:
oh; our tsuki is to the belly. if it was higher, i would be satisfied. and shomen uchi starts and ends completely different than a jab to the face, throat, or chest.

i'm just a little disappointed that almost a year has gone by and i can't envision merging with one of the simplest and most common attacks.
Our standard tsuki is munetsuke (solar plexus or chest). We also train shomen tsuki, but not before 3rd kyu.

Some techniques are different, but the major reason to avoid them in the beginning, is that the risk of black eyes or knock outs are too high for beginners. A punch in the chest you can take. So uke will punch. Only few uke would launch committed punches to the face or throat. And if many lower ranked aikidoka have problems doing the technique with proper timing and distance. Most would start too early and evade too far.


P.S.: yes shomenuchi, yokomenuchi and shomen ate look quite different to boxing punches, but as many people already said: they work the same and if you master them, you can master the others, too. In kihon training, uke normally helps nage by obviously starting the technique and proceed even after missing. That is not sparring but just refining the technique. That usuall is everything one needs for real fights but practical exercises. Some dojo do them, some do not. But you have to take your time. Aikio is budo, but mastering bar fights is usually not the primary goal.
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