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Re: nishio aikido and related systems

I started my aikido journey as a Shodo-Thug... then joining an Aikikai Hombu style dojo... and finally settling down in a Yoshinkan style dojo. All these changes are mainly due to life changes... finishing varsity courses... getting a job... changing jobs... relocation... etc etc. These are all unavoidable changes in ones' life. So that is why changing dojo is not that uncommon.

When I switched from the Aikikai to the Yoshinkan dojo... the latter break-falls scared the hell out of me. Their shihonage is a killer to take... whereas my previous aikikai style release the lock and we do a back breakfall on our own... the Yoshinkan style crank the lock all the way down to the mat and then lock you up.

One more thing I noticed the different BTW the two dojo... my previous aikikai dojo tend to do the techniques quietly... ala meditative type movement and my current yoshinkan is basically a grunt n groan boot camp. The two could not be more extreme in differences. But then this is the only aikido dojo available.

After looking past these superficial differences, I noticed that both are aikido and it is just of different flavour. After a while I slowly transformed from a gentle aiki elf to a brutish Yoshin Ogre. But I still consider both as aikido.

Wil, if there is not Nishio style... do something else, there are after all aikido still. Hope you find the transition easy.


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