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Mert Gambito
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Re: Aikido IP/IS: Advanced Expositions in Centripetal Force

Hi Dan,

I really hadn't considered arts typically considered to be hard/external styles, e.g. karate, when I wrote the opening post. Specifically, I was thinking of Daito-ryu and Hakkoryu, which don't stop people in their tracks so much as use aiki to dispatch the uke in a more linear fashion, relative to most of what you see in modern aikido.

Dan Richards wrote:
So, we've got our drunk on, and I'm sitting in a chair. He comes over and puts his hands around my neck and says,"Whatchoo gonna' do?" I knew if I did anything at all, I'd escalate something. And he clearly had an advantage at that point. My body and intuition decided I wasn't going to do anything at all. Complete non-resistance. He started leaning more into me, and I gave him nothing. All of the sudden, he starts falling, and then trying to catch his balance, he falls backwards into a chair.
I'm not sure if you would characterize the non-resistance you employed as "fure-aiki" (which, in the context of the original post, is a body skill and conditioning developed through six directions and spiraling training), but that is a scenario in which it would come in handy, and in which the choker would ideally perceive no resistance by the would-be victim.

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