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Yep, we took the limited express. And I had forgotten the exact number of steps. When I visited Anno Sensei climbed up with us, in spite of his bad knee, so we didn't go too fast.

Don't ask me why I remember the number of steps (and I never actually counted - the damn steps are arranged so pell-mell that I've always doubted an exact count, but that's what the neighborhood biddies were sticking with, and who am I to doubt Japanese women of a certain age?), but that's one of the things that stuck with me about Kamikura. It's good to hear Anno Sensei went up with you - he's one of the things that made Shingu worth it for me.

Ron! Grad school is all I've been doing, sadly. I've been accepted into Stanford's language program in Yokohama next year, but I'm waiting to hear about funding, so nothing's certain. I hear you've been very busy; Mark Murray sent me a p.m. on youtube (an email, not a video, obviously), and might be up this way soon. We should try to find some time to train together (which for me would be close to starting at step one again), although I realize scheduling can be a bear. Let me know.

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