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Re: new Ellis Amdur piece on aikido journal

Robert Wolfe wrote: View Post

Well, the only sure thing is you can't please everyone...

Our best head-scratcher was the evening two potential members came to watch the same practice. The vet said what we were doing was too much like the practical combatives he did in the Army, while he was looking for something softer. The college-aged kid said what we were doing was too soft, and he wanted something a little more "real."

Neither joined.

-- Bob
I've done the math and I'd say we get 1 new student out of 8 and of those only about 2 stay more than a year the rest leave often citing your two excellent "excuses"

Let them go with love I say and more power to them. I am here to work with the ones that want to be here.

SoCali's one caveat is there are so many World Class Martial Artists trying to make a livng it is a "students market."

We practice the 5 suggestions of Sensei Amdur most of the time. I need to work on #1 a bit more. Sensei thinks I can be too chatty at times LOL

William Hazen
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