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Re: Injured rib

I may be infamous for quotes from the old days by now, but I simply have to pass this one on.

Chiba Sensei was at many of the summer camps and seminars in New England. Later, my friend Ginny from Swampscott, Mass. ("Mr . Mulligan"'s dojo -- congratulations, Bernie on your well deserved promotion!) was wondering whether to go back to practice after a back injury. So she wrote to him for advice.

She showed me the letter and it was wise and also beautiful in the way it was expressed, and even funny. Of course he said it was important to have a teacher who understood, but for the injured person himself or herself it is important to "listen to your body." Many of us have heard that phrase but what he said next may be a bit startling in its bluntness.

Chiba Sensei said that the body is like a person's dog, if you mistreat yours it will bite you.

Wise and beautiful posts, everyone, thanks so much, I just added the Chiba Sensei story because many people on Aiki Web like Chiba Sensei stories.
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