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Re: Injured rib

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
If you want to get good advice, I suggest that you make your doctor fully aware of just what your training activities consist of. Most people who have broken ribs (or bruised or cracked or whatever) are not attempting to do breakfalls onto them, and you might find that a doctor who is fine with your pursuing "all normal activity" is not so fine with your taking ukemi.
I did tell my doctor that my aikido training on tuesday made it worse (I suspected she doesn't know exactly what aikido is, so I told her it is like judo). She did not warn me specifically to avoid this or other activities for some time (I also didn't ask specifically). Perhaps she assumes pain will be warning enough? My current plan is to refrain from training while I am on painkillers to be sure that I don't miss this warning.

I'm only a beginner so I don't take very hard breakfalls. Soft forward rolls mostly (but doing many of them, it still progressively hurt last tuesday).
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