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Re: Using the hand in ukemi

Dirk Hanss wrote:
My first two days on a snowboard (2 years ago) were a ukemi desaster. Neither mae ukemi nor ushiro ukemi worked, not even the basics, which had nothing to do with my feet being fixed.

I should take more snowboard lessons to improve my ukemi, but I hate the headache.


Funny you mention it, I had very different experience with my snow. Of course not mae or ushiro ukemi, but weird side-half-ukemi, I did maybe 100 time in first two days. Even on iced surface which is very hard. Every time my body somehow knew that surface is hard so I never slapped, it wasn't conscious decision. My body just did it every time.

After the while, when snow was fresh I loved to fall down just for fun, it became so exciting. Twice I had no time do fall properly, but it was at very high speed, my snow entered under surface that stopped me deadly right away and my head hitted hard the ground. Some headache later, I still love snow


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