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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 9

Not to usurp any amplification that Peter might give, and hoping he has more. It probably doesn't have anything to do with politics - looks like Ueshiba's son-in-law blew the whistle on him.

Sokaku Takeda Sensei would never fail to contact Ueshiba Sensei if he didn't send him money for living expenses. That was the reason Mr. Ueshiba used to send him money. One time when Ueshiba Sensei happened not make a payment, Sokaku Sensei came to visit him at the Kobukan. I was there then. I heard something that sounded like an argument going on at the gate and went out of the dojo to find Takeda Sensei pushing a taxi driver into a gutter! It seems that the driver said something about money to Sokaku Sensei and so Sokaku got mad at him and pushed him into the gutter. (Laughter) So I apologized and paid the driver his money explaining that Sokaku Sensei was just an old martial artist. Then, Sokaku Sensei asked me where Ueshiba Sensei had gone and I replied that Sensei had gone down to Osaka. Next he asked where in Osaka he had gone and I answered that he went to instruct at the Asahi Newspaper dojo. Sokaku Sensei immediately went down to Osaka. This was around 1933. Mr. Ueshiba returned to Tokyo because Sokaku Takeda Sensei went there. After Mr. Ueshiba returned to Tokyo no one was left in Osaka to teach. So Sokaku Sensei decided to stay there explaining he would instruct the students since he knew techniques he had not taught Ueshiba. There was a man named Takuma Hisa who was an employee of the Asahi Newspaper. I believe it was he who studied under Sokaku Sensei.
Nakakura Kiyoshi, AIKI NEWS #79

Iwata Ikkusai recalled the first part of the incident as well, hearing yelling and seeing Takeda, dressed in high clogs and a cape, slapping a nikyo on the taxi driver.

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