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Re: The techniques of Budo Renshuu #50-60

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
For about a year or so now I've been working with the material from Budo Renshuu. Budo Renshuu was published in 1933, and is one of the earliest documents on Ueshiba (and Inoue)'s Aiki budo. These techniques give us a very early look at the foundation that was to become Aikido.

This material is not easy to get through, and finding video examples, or other written work is difficult. As far as I've found no one in recent times that has gone through this material. So I thought I would share the work in progress.

This is from the Kata Dori section (techniques 49-60) There is only one techniques missing from the kata dori section, and if I would have been thinking a little more when I shot these I would have included it. Never the less, this is most of the Kata Dori section.

I've now gone through all of the techniques in the book (166 of them) at least once. Some sections I'm becoming quite familiar with. Although because of the vagueness of the book, it's sometimes hard to get exactly what is happening with the technique. This is a rough video I made, just to see how the techniques were starting to look. It was awesome to see some of the techniques jump off the page and come to life again.

Hope you enjoy. And if you have any experience with any of the techniques in the book, I would love to hear from you. Deciphering exactly how these techniques are suppose to look is a challenge!

I've been working through these as well. They are a challenge - like little puzzles sometimes. I'll have to get the book in front of me and go slowly through your video to see if your "solutions" are the same as mine. The video looks pretty good IMHO.

BTW - shaved head and black gi look pretty badass! ;-)
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