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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Jennifer Yabut wrote: View Post
Chris Li...I respect your opinion; however, with all due respect, I don't think you'll ever *really* understand or appreciate the challenges women face in the martial arts. I've had my share of getting hit on and bullying - and some of my male counterparts simply don't understand how...damaging...that crap can be to a woman's psyche. Especially when the offender in question is supposed to be a "teacher".
Well, if I can't *really* understand you then the same must go for you *really* understanding me, and if that's true then you really have no idea what I understand right? As far as I'm concerned, the "you don't *really* understand" argument is basically an attempt to deny that someone else can have a legitimate opinion that disagrees with your own experience.

In any case, I never disagreed with gender separated classes - what I said was that there ought to be a compelling reason for separating the classes or else the damage outweighs the benefits. I'm sorry, but feeling "more comfortable" or trying to increase the gender or race balance in a group that is already fairly well integrated just doesn't seem to meet the bar for me.

Now that may be different than your opinion, but I think that it's a legitimate point of view.



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