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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Anne Marie Giri wrote: View Post
Because, it's not sexism. Men are not being prevented from training in the dojo as there are many classes available to them to train. Women are neither being prevented from taking the other classes nor are they being forced to take the women's only class. Judith and Jennifer, am I correct in assuming that you are not replacing classes already in existence where male dojo members would lose an opportunity to train? And there are additional intro classes offered as well in which anyone can join?
Thank you, Anne Marie. I think you spelled out the true issue at hand more eloquently than I did.

In case I wasn't clear in my initial post, the proposed women's classes would be *in addition* to the already-existing classes. Our dojo recently started two noontime classes which are open to *everyone*. We discussed having the two women's classes *alternating* with the other noontime classes.

And yes...we're also privately discussing having another "intro" class (both men and women) to compliment the beginners classes.

Chris Li...I respect your opinion; however, with all due respect, I don't think you'll ever *really* understand or appreciate the challenges women face in the martial arts. I've had my share of getting hit on and bullying - and some of my male counterparts simply don't understand how...damaging...that crap can be to a woman's psyche. Especially when the offender in question is supposed to be a "teacher".

If I can do something to help more women feel comfortable training in a male-dominated environment, then what is the harm in that? Remember that the goal is to integrate these women into the regular classes...not to keep them permanently segregated. And also keep in mind they have a CHOICE to take these classes or not.

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