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Re: Starting an all-women's class


I am not sure if you read my other post. I strongly feel that only a small number of women are interested in a martial art. Because of that it makes it very difficult to attract and keep women in a martial art. We of course are speaking Aikido. One of the more women friendly arts, I think.

By far and wide martial art dojos will have more men then women, 10/90 women to men ratio, in class. Because it is hard to attract and maintain a class for women. Allot of thought has to go into redesigning the class to focus away for the benefits and interests of men.

I find it remarkable of women who are in martial arts because it isn't something they are drawn to. Women are drawn to the benefits of exercise, and have a unrelenting drive to accomplish their goals. Aikido doesn't offer the same benefits of exercise or interest. Yet another hurdle to a women's class.

Tae Bo was brilliant. It is the model for getting women into martial arts. It fused martial arts into an exercise program. A great first introductory handshake into the martial arts. From there once women reach their goal then they can move into a more martial arts class.

I don't think the reason women overall or is the underpinning reason why they don't join a martial arts class is because of some jerk guy. That is a general surface reason. Women deal with jerks allot in their lives. I think the deeper reason is the natural disinterest into a male activity, much the same way men are not interest in learning how to build up their Kegel muscles.

To start and have a successful women's class it has to be done differently then the classic martial arts class approach. It has to be done in a way that will interest women and benefit women for women to be attracted to the class. Women are not interested nor see the benefits in taking something designed for men.

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