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Re: IS/IP Styles and results comparisons

Oh I wanted to follow up with, that its pretty clear if you watch how each of these guys move they aren't actually doing the exact same thing, but none of them look like how "conventional" people move either.

I've met Mike and trained with the Aunkai. Here are some thoughts on a very high level:

What Mike presents in his seminars is going to be very accessible to get your foot in the door. The Aunkai method will make you strong whether you do it right or wrong, you just want to figure out how to make yourself look like Ark instead of doing what I was doing (going down a road that would never make me move or generate power like Akuzawa sensei). In hindsight, I learned stuff from Mike's seminar, but I had a bunch of fundamental misconceptions in general (not due to Akuzawa's nor Mike's presentations nor guidance) that kept me from applying what I learned from meeting with both.

I'll say this much, whatever approach you go for, or try and combine, you want zero feedback when you touch someone. When I do a partner exercise and I "move" them its like there not there, not because I blasted through them, its literally feels like my opponent is not there. When I can get that, then I assume whatever I was doing with my body was right and I try and recapture that the next time around.
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