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Re: Injured rib

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Hi Dave,

Let me tell you a story about doctors and aikido. A few years ago I had laser eye surgery. It was one of those wonderful new surgeries where you get it done, walk home the same day, get great results and feel fine. The next day, at my followup appointment, my doctor looked at the eye and told me that I could resume all my normal activity. I was feeling cautious, though, and so I described ukemi in explicit detail and explained that that was a "normal" activity for me. The doctor's eyes got big as saucers. "No! Are you crazy?" he said. "You can't do that! Wait a month first." My eye is fine now, but I shudder to think of what might have happened had I not had that conversation.

Taking ukemi is not a "normal" activity, and who knows what your doctor is thinking when you tell her you do "judo"? Be explicit. Don't suspect. Don't assume. Don't play "you won't ask and I won't tell". The information that you don't share could be the information that your doctor must have to give you good advice.
Thinking back about the conversation I had with my doctor, I think you are right that mentioning breakfalls like judo did not sufficiently convey information to my doctor about my normal activities. I could go back to her in a couple of weeks and show her some youtube clips when I ask her advice on further healing time before resuming that kind of activity.
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