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Looking for Steady Supply of Quality, Reasonably Priced Gis for Dojo (in Colombia)


I'm assisting my Sensei in procuring a supply of quality, reasonably-priced aikidogis for our growing dojo and would be grateful for any advice you can offer.

We're located in Colombia so it's not quite as trivial as just ordering them online. Our students are very cost-conscious and we're starting some non-profit programs for very-low-income students (mostly children). Every peso counts. Add on top of that the higher cost of shipping and Colombia's insane import taxes.

Ideally, we'd like to become a distributor for a brand like Iwata, Mizuno, etc. for all of Colombia because frankly the quality of uniforms that are available across all of the martial arts here is poor. Yep, those brands are very expensive but we're aiming high at first.

So I'm looking for advice or suggestions on these topics:

- Can you recommend a reasonably-priced brand that might be looking for a local distributor in Colombia?

- Can you recommend a reasonably-priced yet quality brand or distributor that offers bulk discounts?

- Any other advice or recommendations for getting our growing dojo a good supply of quality, reasonably-priced aikidogis.

Thank you very much!

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