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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Well, Kevin, my own "take" is that it's great to get together in the spirit of budo fellowship and play and see what happens (been doing that for years, though on a little bit of a sabbattical from that while I focus on some things). But on the flip side, to me, the vetting process is generally no more than "hey you should check out this guy" and that's that.

Caveat, though . . if someone says to me, "Hey, you should go check out the internal skills of XYZ" and they are primarily a judo player whom I've not felt much internal skill development from when I've had hands on them . . while I won't dismiss their input, I may ask more follow-up questions, regarding, "What did you work on? What were the explicit takeaways you got from them? How did they feel compared to (insert someone we both know)?" Who'm I kidding, I'm going to ask those questions anyways

But do you see what I mean? It's just one part of the information gathering process and in no way means that someone is on or off my radar because of one comment . . but certain opinions by certain people are going to carry weight. The more informed the opinion (based on criteria we all apply individually or collectively), the more weight, etc.

And in the area of Internal Strength training, as public information is slowly being more revealed, there also needs to be something of an assessment given to it, because it wasnt' that long ago (heck, it's still happening here on Aikiweb, but thankfully in smaller doses) that everyone was weighing in with . . "I believe ki is a big ball of gas that I can use in my aikido", or "I will get ki skills if I just do suburi and tenkan" or "ki strength is best reflected by being really stubborn". . it's not like that still doesn't happen . .but there's now beginning to be a more publicly acknowledged (but still gross) framework and vocabulary around 'this stuff' where people can speak more directly to it and about it, rather than around it or past each other . . presuming the participants want to.

EDIT: Absolutely, Kevin, we should hook up sometime. My rolling is really rusty so I need to get schooled!

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