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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

While I agree with most of your points, the idea of not obsessing with this type of training is where we differ
a) there is no single "This type of training" that is defined.
b) if it is more or less in the same direction, then "this type of training" is the only thing in the martial arts to be obsessed about.

What did the recent past teach us?
I seem to recall similar statements being made about Grappling against TMA years ago. These statements and arguments can often be called "ego." I know the Gracies were often accused of that.
What happened?
In the end, their "position," and what they said, proved to be true, over and over. By now it is well known how the Grappling V TJMA equation ended up.

We know how the IP/ Aiki V TJMA equation is ending up in person, one be one; TJMA does not stand up very well, if at all. It consistently fails to deliver in the face of well developed IP/ Aiki. So, when does a "point of view" become just plain fact? Some are angered by this, some are delighted to see the real power of the Japanese arts IP/Aiki; finally coming to the light of day. Even if it means most Japanese Shihan simply missed it.
On the whole, the Japanese training methodology has kept a lot of innovation, experimentation, and genius beat down. I think of this as a very good time to be in the martial arts. And probably the best time to be in Aikido since Ueshiba was alive.


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