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Re: Internal Power Development Methods

Good post Budd!

I agree. Personalities and egos are in the way. Also agree about the club mentality as well. This needs to stop if we are all going to get along and have anyone to train with at all.

Spent the last two weekends study with two very fine Gentleman and friends, and I have learned alot.

A big part of the process for me has been the friendships and relationships I have built with people that this "IT" training has afforded me.

Ushiro Sensei spent alot of time talking about letting go and love and openening up. about engaging and moving forward....not only physically, but mentally. In fact, I think he really did a good job of stressing this over the physical this weekend.

I learned alot in the past two weekends, and I actually am beginning to believe that there is hope for me and I was able to experience some new things that are staying with me.

As such, I am also beginning to become aware that if I discuss this stuff as a separate element of my training, or idolize it, or become fanatical about it in the pursuit...that it is wrong and will become an obstacle.

As such, I am finding myself less wanting to discuss this stuff or debate who has it, who doesn't, and what you need to do to find it.

All I can do is be myself and share my training experience with others and maybe they will find joy and use in my practice, maybe they won't. I won't hide anything or keep secrets...but plenty of folks that I come in contact are so closed, so closed to reaching out and wanting to take risk and to let go...that I realize that I can't make them or prostelitize them into my way of thinking.

As such, it is really pointless discussing this stuff in this manner as it causes no love, no joy...only discord.

The folks that I have met that are on the path both advance and new are simply wonderful people...they have to be to possess it I am finding out!

I am finding out that they are all generous and eager to share and they will give you as much as you are willing to see or able to see.

So, if someone doesn't want to open up and take a chance to look at things differently, meet with me, doesn't care to share...or wants to hide...that is fine too...I no longer care as I now know that person has nothing to offer me at all.

You can only try and reach out so much and then you have to move on with your training and is no loss to you as they have nothing of real value.

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