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Re: On Talking About Internal Training

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
So, don't hold your breath waiting to hear reassurance, or anything other than the song of crickets, from anyone besides you and the short list you just ticked off, on an Internet forum. At least, not until Rob Liberti hits his stride in a couple of years. Though he probably would just say that IHTBF.
Well, I'm not holding my breath for anything, Cady. I simply stated my opinion that someone who really knows these things and is directly or indirectly making the claim to know something and teach something... they should be able to indicate something verbally in all of these discussions that focus on the specific topic, don't you think?

And I'll say it again. I think that a bit of caution should be taken to be sure that we don't open the gate to the corral and then walk right back into the same old corral again. People being what they are, and so forth.

But again, each to his own opinion. I'm satisfied that a sufficient first step has been taken. I don't see any need to spend a lot of energy discussing the details.


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