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Re: Tanaka Bansen

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
Wait a minute. Is anyone suggesting that Bansen Tanaka and Hirokazu Kobayashi were students in the same dojo? I am not sure that this was the case.
Ah I think thread drift is at fault here. Rather than about Tanaka B. it moved to Kansai vs Kanto aikido.

I visited a dojo of a student of Benson Tanaka once in Osaka and after saying Kobyashi H. was never a deshi of Ueshiba M. he decided to talk about other things. Talk about leaving me hanging. Although it was a very interesting time during and after practice, I would have loved to explore that question further.

My impression was that there were two distinct relationships in Osaka. Abe sensei was originally a student of Tanaka B. but I really have no idea exactly where Kobayashi H. fit into the scheme of things.

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