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Re: Tanaka Bansen

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
I trained in one of his classes, bearing a letter of introduction from my teacher in Tokyo. He was very grumpy about "Tokyo Aikido," sayign that "we do things differently here," and it took repeated polite requests to be allowed to take his class. His technique was all angles, with no curves. For example, on yokomenuchi, he stepped straight into the arch of the "cut," jamming the uke's arm behind his (my) shoulder. I don't recall anything remarkable - if magic is what you are looking for - but he was staunch and strong. And grouchy.

Hello Ellis,

This happens in other places also and I think it has to do with traditional rivalry between the capital and places outside the capital, including Iwama (once part of the Mito domain).

I think Kisshomaru Ueshiba understood this and so never tried to impose a particular way of training all over Japan. (To see what I mean here, imagine the situation if another of O Sensei's older deshi, such as Minoru Mochizuki or even Bansen Tanaka, had become Doshu instead of Kisshomaru, and think what difference this would have made.)

In October 2008 we will hold the 10th IAF Congress in Tanabe, O Sensei's birthplace, so it is quite likely that people from the Kansai and Kinki regions will attend the seminars. I can usually tell almost immediately if a person has trained at the Osaka Aikikai for any length of time, but this might be more difficult for visitors from overseas.

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