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Greetings everyone!

Well, yesturday was my first day back to class after MUCH real life drama... and I'm glad to be back in Aikido. I trained with Barbara Sensei since last May and had to take time off in November. Imagine my shock when I saw the sign on the door about her situation.

So yesturday, Lan met me at class and told me about this thread. I saw the Tanto that is in the raffle and it looks SHARP! (pun intended Really is cool.

I feel badly for Barbara but she's a trooper. Les is doing well with her in keeping her morale up. I'm too late to donate to the raffle but I have a double-weave Gi that I'll be handing over to Les Kelso Sensei to sell or auction or raffle or whatever he wants to do with it. All for the cause!!

And I'd like to send my OWN Thank You out to everyone in the Aiki Community for the help and support given. Midland, Texas is a big little town and I'm always proud to see when people pull together like this. It happens more times than you know in Midland. Its good to see kindness rippling in the waters of the world.

Domo arigato gazaimas

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