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Really? You would rather throw someone into a glass window rather than break his neck and be done with? Too much Hollywood, too little combat. When you do not want to kill someone you are in a brawl, a fight, not combat. Agreed, it would be fun to mimic western style fighting.

BTW we practise breakfalls to use the little exit tori gives to escape the technique...
I would rather...nothing.In a real fight you don't choose,you have to act according to the situation so it might be strategically important to throw somebody and of course i agree with you it might also be important to break his neck and be done with.In a real fight you might want to kill him or imobilize him,interrogate him while you have him under control,anything.And with aikido you can have the choice that's what i meant,so i believe it's effective in any kind of situation.No point verbaly attacking me i meant no disrespect.My experience in real situation is not a topic of this forum,as for my hollywood taste...i prefer comedies and sci-fi.Nothing to do with action films.