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Re: "Self-defense" or Something Else?

Erick Mead wrote:
My all time favorite kaeshiwaza is very much as you describe. It is often applied to an incipient shihonage. Nage is busy getting you all wrapped up, and as he does, uke turns the free side hip in to support weight, center the elbow as much as possible, and gain musubi with the free arm braced across the shoulder girdle. Then as uke begins to cut down to the pin, drop into yoko sutemi, basically underneath nage, falling to the hip with the pinned arm.

If you do it REEEAAAL slow for the first one, the look of nage's wonderment at the evaporation of the technique and inability to recover once he cuts is simply amazing to behold. Some students, many of whom have a healthy respect of shihonage and their initally awkward ukemi when learning it, want to do it again immediately to see what happened. Really, as Kevin says, not much happened at all. I can't "Do" anything from the standing shihonage control, I can only follow his cut where it leads, and then let gravity lead it there.

Often we do it again and then they ask me, "What happened?" I usually reply "I just fell down. That's what you wanted wasn't it?"
Apologies for taking the thread off at a tangent.

Does anyone have any clips of this reversal. The description is pretty good but I'd like to look at the finer details.


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