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Re: "Self-defense" or Something Else?


I'll give up something myself as an example: I think Kevin said what I am getting at in the post above.
It's hard for me not to sound sagely (to myself anyway, i know i say some goofy stuff, when my mind shifts and I read from other context). So, I'll give up the need to have the thought first, and say I agree with Kevin. I'm working on that humility thing; need plenty of work.

I'd like to bring back the wu wei thought. Do 'not do' any thinking, and your intuitive mind will open like an ocean before you. It's stronger, deeper, but does not understand or speak English. Again, I'm speaking (poorly) to a superior orator, and a man with a fine mind.

I'll revert to story mode - My old friend from judo was teaching at our club - he a Sandan, and me a Sanky at the time (long story). The senior student in the class could not do the technique Sensei was teaching. Place foot on top of opponent's, in foot-sweep position, and they fall over! I couldn't do the technique until my old friend said 'yoko sutemi waza' and put the 'Duh' look on his face. Then I remembered - Fall. You have to give up your center to make the technique work. Or, it seems that you give up your center, you are actually gaining the advantage by seeming to become weak. Senior student became frustrated and used force until he hurt me.

Fall down!

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