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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11

Hi Peter
Well that's reassuring.
So help me out here. Allowing that it isn't what you meant- what did you mean?
I guess I am still struggling with the phrasing. What do you see in what we or I do as all "waza related"? in your original quote? Can you see how Its confusing?
Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
In terms of training I see aikido as a much more general 'waza-related' art. I would include in waza everything being done by Akuzawa Sensei, Ushiro Kenji Sensei, Dan Harden and Mike Sigman, insofar as it directly relates to aikido.
However, the introduction to Budo Renshu, especially the parts I have translated, does not mention the term and the point of the translations was to suggest that the training envisaged in the introduction is in fact much wider then even Bieri suggests.
For sure the training is far more broader than Larry may have suggested. But here again was he just being litteral or do you see purposeful deletions or reductions in the translated work? If the balance of it is as it appears in the examples above-I'd default to Larry every time. The directness in the examples from him, did not leave out the essential meaning in my view. And the add-ons (to help?) by Stevens had more wrong than right thus were not really much help in the long run.

I left out many referrences to how to's and more accurate translations for many things mentioned in the column.
Timing is a funny thing. In that same aikdio dojo last night I had at least a couple of them who have been training with me a while doing the Shioda bounce. And back to the translations- here again, I find no relevance to the actual how to's in several of the translations above. These things are difficult enough to lay out in English without a different foundational training-even with hands on. They are many times counter intuative for most people and you need to have training in one thing to do the other. So for those who do not know how it is being done, tryng to grasp the concepts, for something alien to their experience would be almost impossible-now add the language barrier.

Even something as simple as the turn while in place mentioned above does not involve natural movement in turning? It's different. I can't people to do it well with exhaustive hands on -never mind someone having to translate a concept they had never even heard of.


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