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Re: What does it mean to be an Aikidoka

To be an aikidoka is to feel and be humbly grateful;

Grateful for the Founder, for devoting his life,skills and commitment to create a workable path for us to study and to emulate in our own way.

Grateful for the Second Doshu, for using his influence, unique character, and his devotion to maintaining the environment for his father's marvelous gift to mankind to be available over generations.

Grateful to the Sensei's, Sempai's, training peers, unconditional love from our family and friends to allow us to walk our paths with dignity, purpose and some success.

Grateful to the current and incoming generations of devoted seekers of the Way of Aiki, that help validate all the work that has been done before, the foundation for keeping the spirit of the Founder's dream alive and vibrant. Their promise of change and epiphanies fuel our work even more today.

Grateful for Jun Akiyama, the Aiki Web, and for all the invaluable posts and contributions that keep our conversations alive and ongoing.

You get to fill in your own contributions from here.
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