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Re: The Fear of Power

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I do not know what are you talking about. Just try to perform any aikido technique without your partner cooperation.
I have, many times. Against very strong resisting people who were trying to prove something, against people who have a fighting sports background and even against aikidoists who were resisting using their kokyu as part of our training and it works every time.
I have also been on the receiving end of technique while i was resisting or trying my best to punch or kick real fast and ended up flat on my backside, so i also know how it feels when it works.
Aikido is a martial art and if one is training seriously it works.
So I think that I agree with you on that one: You obviously don't know what I'm talking about and unfortunatelly you are not the only one.
On the other hand there are a lot of aikidoists out there who know what they are doing and are able to understand my point, so there is still hope for the future of the art.
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