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Re: The Fear of Power

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It is true, but just a dream, especially if you practice only aikido.
What is that even supposed to mean? Perhaps "practice only aikido" will turn out to mean something different for me than it does for you. The way i practice has a practical self defence application as well as esoteric and self discovery aspects which anyway are one and the same for any serious practitioner. There are many examples around us of aikidoists who have acomplished all that i mention in my previous post. Some of them are well known and other are independant basement dojos with no care for affiliations and rank, only practical aikido.
In my experience, people who cannot achieve the things i said in my post by applying aikido, are simply people who are not good in aikido, period. It is not the art's fault if they are too busy making theoretical excuses instead of trying to practice and get better...
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